Whalebone Vineyard

Whalebone Vineyard lies at 1800 feet above sea level on an entirely south facing, rocky Adelaide hillside. It was planted with Estrella Clone Eight Cabernet vines in 1989. The vineyard was originally ripped to four feet, revealing highly fractured soils. The multi-layered soils are a combination of limestone, calcareous shale, mudstone and a dense clay base. It provides excellent drainage yet retains water limiting the need for irrigation. These qualities are seen in many of the world's finest vineyards. The weather is quite unique with 50 degree diurinal changes during the growing season. The rainfall averages 40 inches from late fall into early spring. Our westerly location lends itself to long hang times which produce optimally ripened grapes that display soft tannins producing wines accessible early on release. The wines are big, fruit driven and ripe.